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A New Zero

A homebrew war game by Cryptic Sea

There simply isn't enough good info about this game on the web. Simple things that you need to know. Firstly, though:

About ANZ

You choose one of two warring teams. You choose from two types of boat, or a fighter plane. You attempt to blow up the enemy base over sea.
All of the graphics are procedurally generated, so it looks a little shabby, but the gameplay is excellent, and said graphical system keeps the file to <500kb and the ping times quick.

Things you ought to know

I found it really hard to start playing this game, because there are no instructions, and the fan site (Ebo.la) is tottally incoherent.

  1. The yoke is inverse: Move the mouse DOWN to take off.
  2. In a plane, hold 1 or 2 while on or near the runway to arm a weapon (Top left of screen). To rearm a boat, drive under the runway.
  3. From the interior view of a plane, if you have a weapon armed, the bottom right hand corner shows you the course of your bomb or missile. You cannot affect said course, except by where you drop the weapon.
  4. Kill things by knocking their block off. There is no damage system. Cannon shots weigh you down. If an explosive round sticks to you, it will blow your block off when it detonates.
  5. You can use the physics of explodable objects to kill people, as above. (ie, fire at the bridges as a boat passes under them)
    You can knock blocks off by ramming.
  6. To destroy a building, whittle away the outer concrete until you see a green core. Fire at the core with an exploding weapon, not cannon.
  7. If you submerge your boat or get stuck some other way, hold Delete.
  8. A coat of arms with a nice 'B' on it is a Bot.
  9. The events messages at the left of screen work with icons: [Killer][Method][Victim] so it might show your Coat of Arms, a red ball, and a bot's coat of arms. This means you killed a bot with explosive rounds. (See Figure 1 below)

That's all I can think of. Play the game, enjoy.

Figure 1:

A New Zero Icon Guide

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